ROTOR: Manual Bail System

ROTOR: Manual Bail System

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Our patented manual bail spinning reel rotor is perfect when you are chasing tuna or any big game that will take your line in a blink, or if you’re fishing from a boat and want to convenience our bail offers. This setup comes in sliver, black or tuxedo combination of silver and black.

This rotor is available in two sizes as well; our small rotor fits the ZX-20 and ZX-22 models, and the large rotor fits our ZX-25 and ZX-27 reels. We created a special handle that will work flawlessly with your bailed reel and you can pair it up with our Standard Round, or Oval Power Knob, or our Comfort-Grip Ball Knob.

The rotor easily remove with 3 screws as well so if you own the small and the large rotors you can convert your reel to a 20, 22, 25 or a 27. This option provides a savings year after year when it comes to maintenance, and offers you to change out 1 reel when you’re going after different game from the surf, inshore, boat or kayak, or offshore.

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