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Educate yourself. It’s easier, smarter + safer!

ZeeBaaS customers are educated consumers who aren’t swayed by SOL (stuff on-line). If you are a current customer or a future customer, below you will find Q’s and A’s to most common questions. If you do not see your question and answer simply email us or pick up the phone and call us … a local person will be happy to get the details for you.

How do I order my ZeeBaaS reel?
Click here.

How do I order extra spools?
Click here.

How do I order extra handles?
Click here.

How do I upgrade to another knob?
Click here.

How do I order a Self-Service Kit or extra parts for my ZeeBaaS?
Click here.

Can I order ZeeBaaS hats, shirts, decals and other stuff?
Yes, click here.

How do I send my reel in for service?
Click here.

What color options are available?
The colors we have worked with are silver, black, blue, red and orange. We are testing a wider spectrum of color options as well within the anodizing capability.

What coating options do you NOT recommend?
We do not recommend hydrographics or powder coating. Doing any of these on your reel yourself could void your warranty. We have seen powder coated reels and eventually the coating will chip off. A waterproof reel is made with tight tolerances so adding some method of coating to it could create issues immediately or after periods of use.

Can I convert my ZeeBaaS Spinning Reel to another size?
YES, EASILY! If you own a ZeeBaaS you can convert easily to any size. For instance, a ZX20 can be changed into a ZX22 with a simple swap of the spool (estimated time required: 45 seconds). If you then want to bump up to a ZX25 or ZX27 you can do that too. Simply remove 3 screws from the rotor and you can change to the larger rotor, and then swap out to a ZX25 or ZX27 spool (estimated time required: 3 minutes). If you have 1 reel and the 2 rotor sizes we sell you can convert to any size Z you want.

Do I need to service my reel annually?
Yes, you do or we do. O-rings can dry out and breach a seal, and if that happens it could lead to more costly fixes. Plus, let’s face it, anything that has moving parts that are put under extreme pressure in extreme environments should be checked regularly. If you would like to buy a self-service kit and DIY, click on the link 4 lines above this one. If you want to send your reel in to us, click here to download the factory service form.

Why can’t I find ZeeBaaS reels in local dealers?
Good question…easy answer: We simply DO NOT mass-produce our reels and we DO NOT outsource the assembly to some oversea shop with unfamiliar hands working your reel. Therefore we don’t have a stock of reels sitting on our shelves.

We DO build each reel here in Stratford, CT - part by part, and one reel at a time. In addition, every reel we build or service is put through our dunk tank that simulates 35ft. of depth. Each reel we build, or each reel we service WILL pass this test (along with many other check points). It WILL NOT leave our doors and end up in your hands if it did not pass.

A process this precise is impossible to run through a large shop that experiences staff change-over year after year and new recruits working on “highest-performing, most durable tackle”. We can’t trust that - why would you?

Is ZeeBaaS going out of business?
That seed of gossip has been planted many years ago by others in the industry. Many many many years later we are still here and continue to do new things for our product line and for the community. We hope that answers your question. If it doesn’t simply stop in to see us so you can see for yourself what’s going on inside ZeeBaaS, or pick up the phone and speak with us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

A shop told me they are a dealer but they can’t get me a reel.
We are simply not cut out for “the standard dealer”, but the dealers we do work with understand what we do and respect our process. Those who we work with proved they are here to support you and are committed to supporting you. Therefore, if you go to a dealer who says they are an authorized ZeeBaaS Dealer and tries to sell you something other than the ZeeBaaS you came in for, take caution. Most-likely they are not a dealer of ours and most-likely they are trying to lure you in and sell you another commodity reel they invested in and have sitting on their shelves and profit from their investment in inventory.

Can you repair my VS!
Yes, we even get requests for this but NO…we CAN NOT repair or service VS reels. You have to call them. Sorry!


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