We do offer professional factory maintenance services here at ZeeBaaS to keep your reels performing strong. During this thorough cleaning process we take your reel completely apart and run it through our ultrasonic cleaners, then we hand clean and inspect each part before reassembling. Prior to lubrication each reel is submersed in our pressure tank that simulates 35ft of depth. After this waterproof test we lubricate the reel and send it back to you.

For those who are mechanically inclined and want to service their own reels, we do offer a variety of self-maintenance kits. The maintenance video is featured below the kits for you to see what is entailed in self-maintaining your reel.

Our complete video guide on servicing your ZeeBaaS reel. This video covers the break down & cleaning of the reel using the ZeeBaaS tool kit.

The video above is for our disassembly and cleaning. The video below is the reassembly and lubrication.

ZeeBaaS Self Service part II: In this video, we take the cleaned reel parts and re assemble them using the ZeeBaaS annual service kit.