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Handcrafting your reel for you.

Looking for a ZeeBaaS of your own? Wondering why you can't find them in a shop? The answer is simple: we don't mass-produce our reels and we are not a commodity product made on a production floor overseas by unfamiliar hands. We build each reel one at a time, by hand, with the care required to guarantee pure performance for a reel of this caliber.

We made it easy to Build Your Z. Simply call us at 203.345.7000 or submit your specifications to us by visiting this link and sending us your specs (Build Your Z).

We work in conjunction with only a very few select dealers so if you call a shop and they're pushing another brand on you, don’t be misled and understand that we must not work with them. Some dealers are promoting our reels, leading you to call them and then they try to sell you on a mass-produced reel they paid for and have sitting on their shelves. Some call that sales tactics, but we call it BS. You are an educated consumer and you know what YOU want, don’t settle for less.

Call us or fill out the simple Build Your Z form.

We look forward to hearing from you!



What's Inside Matters Most.

From our custom parts to our select people who work in our shop, we add only the best to make your experience the best.
If you ever need anything all you have to do is reach out to us and you will be taken care of.


Custom Built

Tell us what you are looking for in your ZeeBaaS Spinning Reel and we'll Build Your Z for you. From pickup styles, retrieve methods, extra spools, handle options, colors and more, we're here to help.


Pressure Testing

Each reel we build, each reel we service, MUST pass our submersion test which ensures the reel is waterproof. How many big-brands can honestly put in this type of care and commitment in each reel they mass-produce?


Service + Support

You put your gear to hard use, and with hard use personal service and support is a must. Call us with anything you need and we'll get you back in the water with confidence. [download service form]

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