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Not just another reel.

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Proudly hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

If you are looking for just another reel, you came to the wrong place. If you are looking for a fully sealed, fully waterproof reel that will offer you more options and more power, and made by a local company that consists of people who will stand behind their craftsmanship, then you're at the right place.

Welcome to ZeeBaaS. Our drive for quality and perfection in manufacturing and service gives you the confidence in the gear you choose to put in your hands. We stand behind what we build and we are here to make sure your reel outperforms for a life-time of use. If you should ever need any assistance we are only a phone call, email or simple text message away.

How do we achieve this highest level of quality and service?
We do something that very few (if any) reel companies do, we build each reel part by part and one at a time in our Stratford, CT office. A reel of ZeeBaaS quality is engineered for tight precision components and simply cannot be properly built in long production lines where each person knows only a small part of each sub-assembly, and quality gets lost. In the end, when one part of one sub-assembly is off the performance of your reel is as well, and so is your game. Every exact movement of every precision made part impacts another in a quality reel like ours. Our technicians here at ZeeBaaS understand the importance of every part of every reel we build for you. We take no short cuts and we do not have any unfamiliar hands building your reels.

As for our price, we are not the least expensive reel out there, but we are certainly not highest priced reel on the market either. We invite you to do a thorough price vs quality and options comparison so you could see the value and learn how affordable we truly are. Then, add in the personalized customer service only a small company who’s driven by customer satisfaction can offer and determine what is the better option for you.

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